Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I liken cleaning the house to CLEANING MY HEART.....

You know when the house is just a is cluttered from YEARS of neglect...and you have items you held onto for sooooooooo long because of emotional attachments?

How is this any different than our heart lives?  The "heart" house is the same way....we hold onto things from past experiences that can hold us back from walking freely in and around the rooms, closets, doorways....we trip over things and can't remember WHY that object was there, OR in some cases...we know what it is and WHY it is there, but we haven't bothered to take it to the trash or give it away.
Why did I keep this again? 

I've been going through this process going on about a year now.  I decided it was time to de-clutter more of my home.  My goal is to really get rid of the things I don't use or need and let someone else use them.  After about 5 trips to the store dropping off things...I realized just how much better I felt.  At the same time I was addressing my internal issues.  Be that: insecurities, fears, doubts, past hurts and things that were cluttering up my thought life.  I addressed my hall closet realizing that there were things tucked in there for YEARS I had never addressed or looked at until i OPENED THE DOOR and turned on the light.

It takes a lot of courage to let yourself see yourself as you are.  It takes courage to let someone see what is going on or even YOU see what is really going on and taking responsibility for your thoughts, mouth and actions.  You can a long hard look at your mirror...or you can take a long hard look into your closet filled with dirty laundry, old blankets and things you never use.  The reality is, we all have these things.

I'm in the end stages of a few of my rooms here...and being an artist...I feel that CLUTTER has simply been a part of my life and sometimes, it always will be.  But the difference is:  I'm finding the place for the things that can stay.  They will have their own place, their own compartment and I can easily find that thing when I need it.  I have a photograph of me and my family when i was young...and I don't know who it was that bought me the shirt...but seriously - I'm a messy person!  The shirt read:  "Clean rooms are boring".  I actually can agree!!!!  Whilst I love cleaning and having a clean house...I also know that when I'm done cleaning, it might not always stay that way!  And it is OK!!!!  I realize the process of maintenance of my heart-life and well as my home-life is the same.  You have to pick things up, vaccuum a little....and smile when you are done to face it another day.
"Clean Rooms are Boring"

I think a genuine fear of "boredeom" can hinder a lot of us.  I know that I've stopped myself from achieving certain things out of fear of boredom.  Now I think it is more of a fear of not contributing to this planet and why i'm here.  I want to make a difference every day in large and small quanitities.  If I'm not contributing and doing things to activiely participate in life - I feel like life is just not as fulfilling as it can be.

On the flip side...I understand how SO VERY IMPORTANT rest is.  Oh my Lord how we take ourselves wayyyyyyyyyyyy too seriously!  We think that over-working and over-spending and over-thinking is how life is supposed to be.  But really it is simple.  DO and BE all that God has called you to be.  His word says LOVE is a huge factor in why we are here.  Loving Him, Loving OTHERS (as ourselves).  That is a lot of love to dish out if you really put in the numbers ya know?  It is ok to ask for help and it is ok to fail.

Take the time sometimes to step back from your "busy" life and examine where your time is going.  What are you leaving behind...are you doing the things that are fulfilling to your deepest desires?  I'm talking about things that are truly made from LOVE (not darkness).  Love has a multitude of layers to it!

Over-thinking stops you from DOING anything about the desires in your heart.  If you spend too much time inside your head-  you might want to come out into the real world and use your eyes, ears, arms and legs ( and whatever you have been given to use) experience fullness, wholeness and love in a new way.

One of the coolest people that ever blessed me was Mia - one of our dearest blue man friends.  She was in a wheelchair pretty much completely dependent on everyone to help her every day.  Except for one thing - that girl used her internet skills as much as she could to make digital art for all of us, emails consistently and lots and lots of smiles.  How can we let any physical things stop us when I see what she did for so many people and I guarantee you - we didn't thank her enough.  We probably looked at those emails and in our *MINDS* said to ourselves "what a blessing"...but we might have never met her, or said it to her before she passed away.  My point something NOW to make someone else's life better....encourage are the KEY to making a difference.  And don't expect thank yous....sometimes, those are rare.

Thank someone today, and really mean it.

Treat someone or something as if it was your last time to see it or see them.

Clean your house, go see what I mean about how you find MEANING in cleaning your home....find out for yourself what it means to go through that PROCESS.

And finally.....................

nothing changes if nothing changes.

and CHANGE is the only constant.

get used to it!

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