Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Bay! we went, we conquered, we photographed things!

I wish I could show you everything we did in green bay....but we are holding back most of our images for publications and cannot be shown online anytime soon! :)  However I do have my images of us playing around and having fun...and me seeing things i've never seen. :)

I had an intense weekend on all fronts.  You know when you plan something and you strive, thrive and put together some amazing things....all of the sudden it is here and then it is gone!  Our life experiences are poofs of awesome in sections of our life.  The many peaks we travel along to get on our destiny path is limitless.  I had many personal peaks and valleys within....and came home pretty exhausted! :)  It was a good learning experience and really enjoyed being around mah fun peeps. :)  That never gets old!

I had about a 5-6 hour layover in chicago so i was able to walk that place and get some exercise....and saw a really gorgeous sunset through the window of my gate.  My last stop on my adventure in green bay was the Packers stadium! Huge thanks to Erin and all her awesome - because we saw things, we ate things and we laughed and had a great time.  I can't wait to see our final products for submission. I pushed myself as an artist and gave myself time limits of 10 minutes per person.  In this way - I could devote myself to artistic expression and "get the shot" without over-thinking.  I hope the girls love some of the images as much as me!!!! Thank you EVERYONE, and thank you Model Citizens!!!!!  Peace out.

my lovely blue man friend!

Alissa and I!

before Jane gets there, we have us!

Tworkshop behind the scenes

packers stadium!
group photo!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is the video clips!!!!!!!!!! FOR FUN

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