Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't be afraid to ASK! Don't be afraid to SAY your needs!

I know I've seen and done a lot of things in my life....

I've shyed away from opportunities because of fears....all kinds of fears....

Here lately, I'm dropping that ball and just being really bold about either asking or when someone is ASKING something to me, I want to be prepared to ANSWER.  I've been a part of a lot of coaching this bring myself to a healthy approach to my DREAMS.

Our hearts are so complicated....our minds non-stop with desires, thoughts, things, cobwebs....and some of it is good for us and some of it simply destroys us inside.  Cleaning up the mind, is about the best first step you can take to start your journey to the dreams you hold within.

It is like this GREAT treasure chest....literally, inside your *chest* are treasures. :)  Our bodies are so multi-functional and complex...that I don't see how we don't stop for a moment and just go....


But we just don't.  We think that being *wow'd* doesn't matter.  Well, it does....

I got WOW'd today because I've had a worry on my mind for weeks now....when I reached for a dream, GRABBED IT and then started thinking about all the little details that go with it.

In the end....I voice what I was needing...I did this several times...and in the moments I least expect - I get a notification and a question to be answered.  So I answered it.

BAM.  dream come true.

I know that God knows what we need, but we need to use our mouths more!
Be even MORE specific than before....then sit and wait...keep doing your every day living, get your daily walk with God...shoot, skip around if you need to - but don't worry THAT much about that one thing.

God WILL take care of it.

Even if it is something you are NOT supposed to have....he'll help you be ok with letting it go.

For me, I had a vision of standing in a place I've never been to.  Upon receiving the DREAM into my mind/heart....I immediately saw myself standing somewhere in my mind's eye.  I have never done that before.  I have never had such a realistic vision just pop up! It was so neat.  This was way before I even filled my mind with images of this place...and started looking around...studying maps...and thinking about the culture.  I was THERE. :)

And so....I will be for real, very soon. :)

Don't ever give up on your dreams, big and small!

Continuously put yourself out there in the midst of things that humble you....

and that will take me to part 2.....

stay tuned.

here is a HINT......................................and no, it is not Vegas and no, it is not Texas.....coming soon.

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