Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, here i come.

For those of you following this around....I've been doing a few adventures here and there in NEW YORK one of my most favorite places to visit.  In February my goals were to attend a fashion show in which the NEMO BLIZZARD wiped out most of what I was planning to do.  However I did get to meet Kenley of Project Runway and that made up for it! hhaha!!!  In May, I made my way to brooklyn to attend and support Kenley's PINK LADY line and had a blast taking pictures and having fun over there.  It was my first time to really explore the Brooklyn area a bit more.  (such a HUGE CITY!!!!)  Plus, an added bonus of Montauk and Long Island.  Crazee, i know! :)

Next up for me and NEW YORK CITY is the time I'm spending with the Dream Center.  Fully funded by my supporters and friends I'm about to fly there for about a week to do some community work with them and my team from the local church I attend.  Last year's success with the LA Dream Center definitely helped me to DREAM BIGGER for myself as well as seeing others dream big too.  It has been a blessing to know more people and see more of people's hearts.

As an added bonus - I received word that some of my photography will be featured in a NYC exhibition literally STARTING when I get there for the Dream Center.  I figured it could not have been planned any better...I'm amazed how God works things out...and all the struggles, pains and frustrations have been worth the wait of my blossoming and flourishing at this time in my life.  I think what is most important for me as a person and artist is sharing my work and point of view, but really I want to inspire people to search and walk their OWN PATH instead of wishing and dreaming of "one day".  Your day can be right now....I just encourage to start WALKING.  There is so much more I could share i'm sure...but I wanted to stop, share this...and I have to keep walking foward too to prepare for what is ahead for me.  Some of my busiest times are ahead of me and I'm praying to have strength and God's help through all of this.  I can do nothing apart from HIM and his peace.  If i didn't have PEACE about everything I would not do it. 

(doesn't matter how AWESOME stuff is - no peace, no PIECE!) hahaahahah

Meanwhile, if you are traveling to NEW YORK CITY between July 25th and September 10th...please see the following INVITE to the show featuring a couple of my pieces.  Please drop a line if you go!!!! I would love to hear what you thought! It looks like it will be super fun.

INVITE: The Story of the Creative

Enjoy the rest of your week....I'm winding down with lots of family time and on my way to the next adventure!!! Peace out.

Love Jen

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