Monday, July 29, 2013

Rest in everlasting PEACE Kidd Kraddick AND a cameo on the Travel Channel!

I have more than enough GREAT WORDS to say about Kidd Kraddick and how loving and caring of a person he was.  I was always greeted with a smile when i stood outside the canal studio....I bothered him for years for blue man events and fun things.  I got ENGAGED on his show in 2004 live on the air and thanks to my coworker and life-long friend I have the audio.  :)

I have to stop and say THANK YOU Kidd Kraddick for inspiring us all to give a bit more and keep laughing....I'll never ever forget you!!!!

I packed my shirt and I'm ready for NYC this week!  KEEP LOOKIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, another sidenote - today was a day full of crazee awesome.

I shot a wedding today with a tag-along-crew for the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress"'ll have to stay tuned for future to see how all that turns out . :) Her story is inspiring....and it is something to be said for those fighting cancer. :P  I'm glad to have been a part.....

MEANWHILE, same 9pm the Fandemonium show premiered on the Travel Channel...and I'm always excited to see a show from Adam Richman because we do love his personality and the fun he has eating crazee foods. :)

So, their crew showed up at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in April.  I was capturing 2 weddings that entire day...and guess what?  We saw their crew standing at the gate of the garden! It was sooooo cool.  At the time, I had no idea what it was I kept asking :)  Eventually one of my brides posted the info on what it was and i'm happy to say...WE WERE FEATURED ....well, we had a CAMEO! AHAHAHH!!!! You can see a small segment of me working the wedding of Lauren and James. <3 :)  It was beyond exciting!!!!!  I was mourning and then I'm celebrating!

I"m so thankful for all these opportunities.

Stay tuned for what is next for us....i'm sure we'll have more surprises as this year goes on....there is something about TIMING....when you work hard, stay faithful, stay strong...and GRAB your opportunitites without fear or can find yourself in fun places...meeting great people and having lots of fun.  All the sweat and tears are worth it <3 :)


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