Friday, January 10, 2014

My 2013....."review" ????

I had sooooo many amazing things happen for Pink Light Images this past year.  It has only made me more thankful for being alive and creative for 2014.  What will we do next?  What will we learn next?  SO much fun to be had in this year!!!!  I always take it day by day....and walk through the inspiration with a full heart.  For January, I'm on a hiatus to get re-centered and re-focused on the dreams-goals-visions that I truly want to aspire for this year.

Maybe, you are wondering WHY wouldn't I do this over the holidays?  Well, because there is no down time! :)  If you are not shooting images, you are running around for family events.  As much fun as it all don't get quality time with yourself to ask, seek and KNOCK on the doors that are in front of you.  I've been dreaming big...and living big within.  It may not always show on the outward, but I can assure you my thinking and believing has increased HUGELY!  I am EXCITED to share what is to come with you all.

You are all helping me take dreams to realities...every moment we are connected.

Thank you!

Before I get to my next publishing....I wanted to share what I shared with Brooke Shaden on her
 "year in review".  

I was SO HAPPY to include my checkerboard image with the floating legs/tights.  It was something I had been dreaming about for a while. I love mixing "like" ideas and making something fun out of it.  The skirt was made of hands that I had fashioned from an idea from a display hand from the craft store.  Funny thing was - when I packed it from Green of the fingers snapped off!  I had to re-create the finger to make it a complete hand.  It was quite fun and funny.  The flooring took me back to ART CLASS where we did perspective drawing and learned how to make something look far off, like maybe u would walk to it.  :)  So, all in all - it was encapsulating the things I do love about art in general. :)  The memories of my drawing background and the future of my pop-art-like branding and work. <3

Here is the bigger version!

Thank you to EVERYONE that is helping to make my dreams happen.
I don't forget a single person who has ever helped me!!!!


Happy 2014.

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