Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hello to the FREQUE!!!! - Pink Light Images makes cover of Freque Magazine.

I got the news a couple of days ago that one of my images was chosen for a cover! I cannot tell you how excited I was...and it was a "secret" goal to get on the cover.  There is just something about having an image that is a preview of things to come.

The moments were ticking by....that we were watching the FB page of Freque...and lo and behold....Rachel Frank has graced her lovely face (and teeth) on the cover.  I really had no idea what image they would have picked - I could not have guessed. LOL!!!

I would like to welcome 2014....with the COVER of FREQUE MAGAZINE.

Pink Light Images releases new conceptual pieces....
all year long :)  Looking forward to the WHOLE magazine...and our 6-picture spread! :)

Photography: Pink Light Images
Model/Designer: Rachel Frank, RFD by Rachel Frank
Hair: Jen Bruder
Location: Aloft Hotel, Green Bay WI
Team: Model Citizens - Jane Love & Erin Leigh Pribyl
Assisted by: Kristina Bartels-Smeester

Freque Magazine Cover, Volume 6 p.2 - Adelaide Australia - Pink Light Images

Here is the full spread released TODAY - 1/15/14 - Freque Magazine - Pink Light Images

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