Monday, January 27, 2014

heading to CREATIVE LIVE.

I took advantage of an opportunity to go to WARP SPEED with myself as an artist, biz owner and purposeful passion. :)  I'm going to creative live to be a student in Brooke Shaden's course...."Master your Craft".............she has UNDOUBTEDLY been a huge influence in how i've been able to dream bigger than ever before...and i mean EVER.  I have been able to bloom so much more with the introduction of new people into my life...and letting go of past fears and limitations.  IT is time to reach forward.

I'm pretty sure the concepts, thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions and details that come out of this experience will be mind-blowing.  That, and most likely i'll be on the camera at some point during the session.  We will see!  I can't wait to see Brooke do what she does best. :)  I will never never never forget this...and I aim to go higher than the sky. :)


You can watch LIVE for FREE.  And also pre-purchase the course :)

ALL CLASS TIMES are 11am-6pm CENTRAL time.   

Much Love to you.

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