Friday, February 20, 2015

Restore Hope Ministries and special guest speaker Miss Kay

We're all here to learn from each other AND teach each other....for me...i won't turn down any opportunities to meet and work with people of all kinds....

I think the greatest words she had to share today was simply about finding HOPE....which was fitting because "Restored Hope" seems like an action statement to me...we have options to have HOPE restored to unbearable situations...and folks that have been through WAY more things than I have.

I can't even begin to judge someone based on a glimpse of actions or words...I choose to look a little deeper...especially when I get the opportunity and take the time. I have always been that way. I was the girl always picked on because i was new. I was the girl who had the ONE friend (in every school i attended as a child) that took the time to get to know me (and i them) is when we do that...we see the beauty in ALL OF US.

Have a super friday!!!!

from the luncheon of Restored Hope Ministries - so excited to have been a small part of a huge day.
Photography: ~Pink Light Images~

Directors: Sam and Sherry Pollinzi

Go see today what you can do here in Dallas-Fort Worth to help!

Thanks to Sam for letting me volunteer my time & talent for this!!!! 

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