Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alone - Artwork by Emotion - 2/26/13

I have moments where I truly feel UTTERLY alone.
The moments of silence all around me...feels just like, ALONE to me.
I have moments of clarity and I have moments of despair...that seemingly float in and out in the matter of minutes.  I've enjoyed these 36 years on know myself better...and where and when to truly ask for truth and seek and open and sit and stand. 

In all truth, this is the 3rd round/draft of the photo. I wanted the dress to me a little "flowy" without being whispy.  There is a still a slight structure to it, but in the end...I blend in with the atmosphere.  It is bright, it is light...I'm floating in the sky...alone. 

Now, mind you -  I know i'm not 100% alone - but the FEELING of alone-ness gets to me sometimes.  Matter of fact, great art comes from these moments.

Then I plug in my workout DVD and Chalene tells me to ENCOURAGE MYSELF....

and so i do..................

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