Monday, February 11, 2013

Dreams come true! YET AGAIN.

Long story short, I've been following Kenley's work for a very long time - since her debut on Project Runway...and also on the all-stars...she is just an overall great designer with a love for fashion and a passion for working hard and getting things done.  I was very fortunate to catch a flyer on her page that said she would be performing with her band - but everything was cancelled because of the NEMO blizzard.  However, she still showed up at the bar and partied and celebrated her birthday. :)  She IS just that fabulous in person.  It was adorable to meet her and spend some time chatting and laughing.   I got to wear my "blended" upside down victorian mermaid dress to the bar...and feel like a girl for a while.  It was good to be in good company - especially since her hair had turned pink recently....and it seemed fitting that my pink hair fit right in as well. :) AWW is all I can say.


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