Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Pink Hummer Self Portrait.

I'll be honest - at first...i didn't even THINK about taking a picture inside this monster HOT PINK hummer (bachelorette party) - but it occurred to me...that when would i get to do this again? I furiously dug my camera BACK out again....and first started with self-timed much so the driver wondered if i was ok. (i was bouncing back & forth)....then i noticed after a moment that the ceiling had mirrors (crappy ones) but mirrors nonetheless. So I just did it. I pointed that stupid flash all over the place to try to find the right angle. hahaah! YEA RIGHT. Eventually i got a few that seemed ok. Then I'm home....all day...thinking to myself I feel really rusty and NEWBIE at this new computer. I've been playing on this thing a lot, but haven't really put it in the ringer with CS6 (p.s. i was very comfy with cs3)....and all that crap that comes Creative Cloud. i'm playing...and realized i have a lot to absorb just in some of the subtle arts i make. The simple things like minimize/maximizing images so i can work side by side has changed...i had to youtube how to fix that. All is well now. I've talked enough - but anyways. Hope yall are doing super great today. Don't mind me, i'm in a rambling mood.
  The hummer

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