Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the silence....

I know that a lot of times life just gets quiet, maybe TOO QUIET.....
Maybe your too busy to slow down to see it....but for those of us that are sitting in the QUIET trust that God has a plan...it gets kinda boring...less than motivating...and uncomfortable.

I don't like talking about it too much to people that won't get it - but I always seem to have divine conversations when the time is right...and I can share everything I felt over a period of time.  I'm thankful I have some friends out there that KNOW they are not alone.

YOU are not alone.
If you are feeling exhausted, dragged out tired....take a moment to STOP and reconnect to what truly matters.  I mean, really MATTERS.  You may be running around like the energizer bunny....stomping to the beat of your own drum - but what if the best music is silence?

I think we all need a period of silence at some point.

So embrace it....don't give up.....and don't let negative thoughts rule you.

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