Monday, February 4, 2013

OPEN HOUSE success!!!!!

So, I managed to have a little open house today....and yea...boy did I not realize it was super bowl sunday. LOL!!!! But thatz ok, we don't really follow instead we took some time to create and make some fun times and THANK some clients with some open creative time....I'm very very THANKFUL for each person that has been a part of my journey.  I'm sure by now, maybe you got an email...a FB blast...or a card in the mail.  Thank you, THANK YOU.  From 2006 and have all been a part of this. :) 

So, today was quite many ways...we are celebrating new studio changes....and rejoicing in paying our house off.  It was a plan that began over 7 years ago...and that dream too, came to a reality that has me and my husband very "now what!" :)  It has been an up and down journey but the END of all this...I see the much huger picture....<3 :)  And, I love my husband even MORE dearly. 

Part of my inspiration too...came from last nite -  i was surfing through some vintage clothing I was given a few months ago...and really SEEKING an outfit to wear this weekend to the fashion show with ENV New York.  As i was playing around i got a great vision of a dress as a merge between the two i was wearing...and today, I was able to speak to one of my clients to help me make it happen.  She does some sewing herself...and we are going to make it happen!!!! OH YESSSS :)

I can't wait to share is going to be unbelievable!!!!  I will be wearing it Friday Nite....and showing off a great concept/dream...and all in all - AMAZING style and freshness for myself.  Plus, another one of my FAVORITE colors....GREEN <3 :) 

Stay tuned much more to come....

I will also share highlights soon from my celebration today.

Thanks everyone for believing in me.... I believe in YOU!

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