Friday, April 12, 2013

It is the YELLOW donut phone!!!!

yes folks, it has finally fallen into my arms!!!!

I grew up with this kind of phone...I have many fond memories of the giant cord phones with push buttons and rotary dials. ;)  We even had one with a chalkboard.  It was fun to be so technicolor. :)  I remember our house in rural Oklahoma was APPLE GREEN - it is hard not to be flashy in color when my mom and grandma are super flashy and creative themselves.  I appreciate that!!!

Anyways - after waiting about 2 years...I finally just threw my hands up and made this mini-dream happen this week.  The guy had posted it on ebay and it looked so amazing and pristine in condition.  I had to jump on it and get it done.

Here is my little "vlog" about it....

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!
It is the LITTLE things!

What are the LITTLE THINGS from your childhood you remember?
It could be anything!! A doll? A phone? A record - and in some cases...maybe certain clothing you were fond of.  :)  Maybe it was just memories in your mind....

Don't ever forget to celebrate some things in your were created special....

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