Friday, April 5, 2013

Where have I been????

In a few words....I've been CELEBRATING and resting.
My husband and I take ONE time a year to truly get away....celebrate...and relax.  We really unplug from all outlets...and rest and have fun.  We are celebrating 8 years of marriage this week.

Wanted to share a few things I saw in Playa Del Carmen....there were a few feasty things to enjoy...such as downtown....which in the beginning of this video was an unexpected TREAT!  I loved the statue and the music as we walked up. :)

I took snippets of the ELEMENTALS show from the Royal...because I was told that show had the FIRE in many many other things you can see.  I am still mulling over the "story telling" they were trying to do in all these various acts, costuming and more.  I really really really ENJOY the fire dancing. :)  I need more of that.

I really took in moments to relax and not go overboard on documenting every single detail of it all.  But in this short video you can see a few things I saw.  Blue skies....ocean waves....and for some reason I didn't have enough I smacked my leg in the cold plunge at the spa room!!! HAHAH. 

The 2nd time i used the spa area....I did the cold plunge TWICE...have you ever done that??? is wild.  You walk into it ....60 degree water....(ish)....then there are 2 hot choose from...some of the girls in there were trying to get their friend to go in...and she wouldn't do it - so I walked in AGAIN just to show big deal!!! (as i'm squealing cause it is cooooooooooooooold!!!)

Anyways..........I also stopped in to Big Al Mack's little beach bar around 5th Ave playa.  It was cool to see a piece of Kidd Kraddick in the morning down there...and took a picture outside of it...<3 :)  Good times....and hope you are taking some sweet time with YOUR sweeties to celebrate....we just celebrated EIGHT YEARS!!!! WOOT!!!!  I love you baby!!!!

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