Monday, April 15, 2013

Post-Bridal-Show : Pre-Ren-Faire!

I completed my LAST spring show for 2013 and it was a challenging one, but yet a very rewarding one!! I had a great great time setting up and tearing down the booth plus hanging out with 2 great ladies that helped me IMMENSELY.  I can't thank them enough for the help.  I had put so much energy into my prep and thoughts and gifts...and things....I even had my husband help me with a VERY last minute project to dress up my computer screen.  I'm just amazingly thankful for those that are supporting me....I am very very very thankful.  Did i say thankful enough? LOL!!!!

So this quickie blog is about those moments that you least expect...I'm at the bridal show and I see vendors I well as people from the metroplex....and people I have worked with in the past...It was such a pleasure to see faces again after so long. :)

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otherwise, here is the VLOG!!!!!

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