Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ya wanna send me to NYC? I can crash Kenley Collins' launch party!!!!

Yes yes yes! You remember her!!!! I crashed her birthday party in February during fashion was amazing to hang out if only for a few hours...and say hi and just BE!  There is something I appreciate about this passionate woman - I think simply put, it is her passion. :)  She doesn't ever give up and she is just up there with some of the designers I enjoy! :)

She is having her PINK LADY launch party on May 4th....
and i'm dreaming BIG to go.................

Whatcha think? Are you a GREASE fan??? A movie buff  like me?
I've been pink-haired for a while now...and I find it refreshing to be celebrated, if only indirectly through creativity of fashion and of people. :)

Herez the party flyer!

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