Monday, February 24, 2014

The dream of Creative Live......part 2......

The initial giddiness of being accepted into Brooke’s class settled in….and I began to really really dig deep inside of myself and gather my thoughts & prayers about this life and this purpose.

What was I going to learn? What was I going to do? Who would I be meeting! 

As the days went on and the short weeks in between After Dark and Creative Live….I found out that the lovely model Jane Love would officially be attending too.  The greatness that I was accepting of…was the greatness of group creativity.  I found that having people to hang around that gave out GREAT energies light me up like no other.  There is just something about being around others that have the same mindsets and goals.  Have fun, creating amazing images and laugh.  

I took myself to the airport and packed as smartly as I could.  I got to test out a new suitcase after retiring my old one.  (at least for now).  When buying new things sometimes you have to drop out the old things just like in life.  To embrace new things and new opportunities…you HAVE to let go of your old mindsets and bring in new thinking towards your future and how BRIGHT it can be.

In my packing strategies – I knew that we would be in a large COLD building and that yes, it was in fact……STILL WINTER.  So keeping that in mind, I brought out quite a few layers that in my mind would work.  I grabbed things that were comfortable and yet so very “ME” that I was just as giddy as taking a picture for art….fashion is another art form that I embrace.  So, I had prepared myself to show “myself” both inside and out. 

When I arrive in Seattle the first day…I met my lovely friend Becka whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.  She picked me up from the airport and we had dinner together.  It was soooo great to have a few hours to connect and yes, GET LOST again when finding the hotel. LOL!!!!  I found out that she is organizing a great event to Romania and I remembered that the lovely lady here in DFW had given me 2 large bags of wigs.  I found out she did need a few for their clowning troupe.  I can’t wait to get those to her! I love when things work out just right for those whom I support and love!!!!   

I arrived at the hotel in the evening…realizing…OH MY…according to the schedule…we had an EARLY MORNING ahead of us.  I was in surreal-land excited about what was to come…and said to myself….”How am I going to sleep???”

A view out the room window.

Then I took a few moments to pass out gifts of thankfulness to 2 special people.  I couldn’t have been more excited to “CREATE” in a state of thankfulness to spread love to those whom I care for.  I decided to do it that nite because I knew the next 3 days….Would be mind-blowing.

Hand made pin by me, Pink Light Images - inspired by Brooke Shaden

part 3...............................coming soon.

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