Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The DREAM of going to Creative Live....part 1.

I have been in this willllld whirlwind since the beginning of 2014.  I've been seeking deeeep within to where I'm supposed to go and what I'm supposed to do this year with my creativity and photography. :)

I have been in the DARK about it.  I have been walking the path of the UNKNOWN about where I'm going, yet soooooooooooooo confident that I'm walking right where I am supposed to.

I have spent the last year opening up my dreams and seeds and watering new seeds as well.  I believe that what helped me the most was being around the people that are in a place to PULL "me" out of me.  I believe that my inner artist was just WAITING to come out and play.  In this last year I discovered the fairytale we call.

Brooke Shaden.

Over this last year I met her and took some of her classes at After Dark.  Now we can stare in awe and wonder at the pictures she makes and the art she creates, but one has to wonder....IS THERE MORE?  And i got my answer as I sat in the Intensive at After Dark and thought to myself....

Gee, I entered the contest for Creative Live like 15 times and my computer, my browsers were all against me.  I had resolved to just let it "be" and move on with life.  But when I saw Brooke at After Dark...I realized....what am I doing?  What is this dream?  

She had us do some creative exercises that really got you thinking.  I mean really, we had TWO HOURS in the class to spread out, dig a little deeper and be inspired.  In those 2 hours I thought and thought and thought how I had talked myself out of going to Creative Live because of an overlapping event.  The longer the class went on - the longer I talked myself INTO it.

As a creative, we HAVE to find creative ways to make dreams happen OR open ourselves up to present or ASK for those opportunities.  She had commented about me as branding...and when I wrote on my paper "go to Creative Live with Brooke"....I realized WHY NOT.  WHY NOT make this happen - take this chance and speak it out loud.

I spoke it out loud....sounding so silly because I had said earlier I had a schedule conflict...but I knew then I would find a way to make it happen since most of the action was going to happen on Sunday.  I could totally be back by SUNDAY in dallas right? LOL :)

After class, we made it happen.  I was invited out by Creative Live and I talked to my husband in great detail and then bought my flight.  It was then...again...I had gotten part of my answer to an already burning prayer in my heart...."what am i doing next?".....

Part 2..................................NEXT

The day i left................i saw THIS on my phone.
I've been seeing multiple numbers A LOT............without even trying.

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