Monday, March 3, 2014

the dream of CREATIVE LIVE.........part 3!!!!! - DAY ONE WORKSHOP

Our day began....EARLY.

As most filming things I'm sure, you have to arrive to be sure you are setup for the filming of the show and we had breakfast available to us as we stood freezing in the building.  Amazingly enough - the main room we were in with the school desks was the warmest room in just about the whole building!

I remember being in awe of just being there.  The AWE of the drive from the Creative Live studio to the on-location filming for Brooke's classes.  There are soooo many more trees that I can dream of there in Seattle.  So TALL in fact...they just blow me away! I wished I had more time to really capture them!  Or take a walk in the forest.  I know now, I should have come in a day early. :) 

The first day is truly a bit of a blur.  I remember being really cold and I remember the greatness of the things I saw on the drive.  But would you believe - I didn't take one picture on the way! :)  Some of us got a tad car sick on the journey over so I know that I had to take a few minutes to warm up and "chill" at the same time to be ready.  Breakfast was pretty darn awesome...and soon it was time to be ready for filming.

day ONE - group picture! before it all began!

The crew was pretty awesome - they work really hard to get all the shots they want/need to capture the entire event.  Their challenge was just as great as ours:  working with the space they are given!  As photographers we are given that challenge often.  You have lighting to consider, posing and positioning of everything needed for the whole.  I appreciate that.  The additional challenge they have is the AUDIO.  So, if things were or were not broadcasting - they sure-fire did their best to fix it fast! God bless them!!!! :)

our lovely school chairs!!!!

Our introductions came way later into the show because we were needing to be on time.  So Brooke jumps in and just starts going.  I just love her presence and her ability to teach.  You can't help but not learn something - even if a small thing - from her as she talks about creativity, inspiration and life.  

For my clothing, I chose to wear layers that would hopefully keep me warm yet also reflect who I am inside.  I think I'm probably misunderstood in so many ways that maybe even I don't know.  I have this persona on the outside of "hey look at me" but in reality - I just like to be myself and not be noticed and "blend in".  It doesn't always work out that way though.  Now, thankfully Brooke sees me for who I am.  I love it when people "get" me a little quicker than trying to peel through the layers.  I have that gift too - I like seeing directly into someone's heart.  Given time, I'm sure I would have eventually gotten a better picture of a lot of people - but I'm kinda closed off sometimes! :) I just am.

Brooke picking one me - i had the scarf on ONE side because i didn't wannt cover my mic. SO COLD!

But in respect of opening up quickly - I gave everyone HEARTS with the sayings on them about love and hugs.  I had the idea to give something in thankfulness before the show even began - so I tried to hand out as much as I could before the show started.  I had forgotten how much it could mean for someone to hold an OBJECT in their hands and say THANK YOU...and AWWWWWW! :)   It was a great wake-up-call for me. :)

Brooke picked on me a bit for the show as we were given homework to complete BEFORE the filming. I was trying to pick 3 images that I loved the most and 3 images I liked the LEAST in my whole portfolio.  There was a moment where I didn't know WHAT she was going to ask - but I felt that I could communicate it so much better with just me and her asking and me telling.  It was like she was teacher and I was student and I was called on in class. lol!!!!!!  I can't thank her enough - she has a GIFT for helping me to open up about my passions.

Jane Love and I - i still can't believe we made it there together!!!!
Day 1 concluded and we drove back to the hotel.  I felt sooooo carsick though that I missed the trip to the vintage store and looking at props and goodies.  I stayed in for a bit at the hotel and just had a good time chilling and talking to the model Jane.  I have to say - day ONE was a great wrap. <3  There was soooo much more that went on - but you can buy the class on CREATIVE LIVE.  It is worth it.

Andrea having to describe a picture blindfolded - Jane modeling, Brooke picture-taking :)

stay tuned for part 4!!!!!!!!!!

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