Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AFTER DARK Education - huge blow out, the LAST of the last and embracing new changes.

Dear God, what is Jen talking about now? :)

I'm talking about the little big thing we call AFTER DARK.  A place where I have thrived and challenged myself as an artist and business person.  To grow within and move forward to my future.  I have met people that have changed my life for the better and have accepted me for being myself and my art as unique and completely UNIQUE to me.

I have been encouraged, disappointed, enlightened, enraptured and ENJOYED every minute that After Dark gave me.  I feel that every single emotion I could name I might have felt before, during and after.  I know that they had been announcing the END, but I think most of us know.....

it is only the beginning.

I have to thank a huge number of people that I just can't list off here....I've met great models, designers, photographers, artists and more at this place.  I have been truly taken aback at how I could find a place to feel like I fit into this crazee art world....and push myself beyond my greatest limits.  I truly can be my biggest obstacle.  The obstacle of comparison and the obstacle of fears have plagued me in the past....but I say....NO MORE!!!! :)

I am home after about 2 weeks of traveling - and I have barely any edits to show for it yet...but I can tell that this will be some of my most inspired work yet.  I truly believe that I'm here for a reason and I've met the people I meet for a reason as well.  I'm truly thankful to you all - I know you don't know this - but i am! :)

Thanks to the naysayers & questioners.
Thanks to the believers & the encouragers.
Thanks to the darkness & light.
Thanks to the light makers & shadow creators.

You are inspiring.

New posts to come...and I'll work through them one by one...to share the back stories, ideas & concepts....or not....BAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

SHOCKING Sidenote: 
I also took it up a notch with everything I've learned.  I literally SHOCKED a few people and inspired quite a bit of laughter and amazement.  I can't wait to tell the stories. <3

I love you guys.
 Images and ART to come.....................

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