Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There's no easy way out.....There's no short cut home....

I spent the weekend with a long-time friend of mine 2nd shooting a wedding.
On our way home - in all silliness we started talking about movies and inspirational music that went along with some of the cheese of the 1980's.  Now, all kidding aside-  some of those moments did have an!!!  But upon further depth you realize there in many many cases a struggle of fighting for yourself, fighting for others and being who you are.

Being who you are, doesn't come easy and it does involve FIGHTING!

The title of this blog is from the song we were playing on the phone during Rocky IV.  Rocky is going through everything in his mind of everything that happened from the moment he became a fighter/boxer up until that moment that his friend was killed.  It shows a good comtemplation of everything that brought him to that place of a decision to FIGHT for what was right.  In the movie - you see towards the end of that moment....he sees his friend falling and sees himself falling.  It is with great respect where I can say - I feel that pain! :)

It is in that darkness and in that decision making that we press forward to be ourselves and keep the passion a-flame to do this mission we have been put here to do.  For him, it was going up against a seemingably unbeatable foe and sending himself through training to confront that foe.  How is this NOT like our fights in every day life?  We fight for our time, visions, dreams, friends,

I wanted to move forward today inspired....and I pulled up images from March (right before After Dark)...and pull out a couple of images that spoke to the distorted darkness that we can all deal with.  We feel our reflection is contrasted against the dark and light...and the boundaries we have set upon us does NOT free us - it simply keeps us in a place sometimes of bondage. Your reflection matters in how you see yourself.  You cannot be FREE to create if you have a distorted view of yourself or how you have perceived yourself.  Put on a new pair of glasses to correct the distortion...see yourself for the beauty within...and that contrasted with LIGHT.  Make a point to see the LIGHT in your image - not just the darkness.

There is no EASY way out.....(letting yourself go, letting yourself BE - it is worth the FIGHT)
There's no short cut home....(the journey you must walk) 

Peace out.

Model: Carrie Sumner
Lyrics/Song by Robert Tepper, from the motion picture Rocky IV.

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