Monday, April 28, 2014

"Take my Hand"................

"Take My Hand" - inspired by the Galveston Beach this morning as we stood and watched wave upon wave come in.  The surf wasn't just the one wave coming in to crash - there were about 5-6 simultaenous waves that came in all curling around each other.  The beach was scattered with the weeds of the this great bulbous texture mixed with greenery. 

The challenge for you now:  Where are you going in the next 3 months?  Where is your art taking you?  Who is holding your hand?  Who is the partner that is taking you on the journey?  No matter how much ALONE we feel - we are not alone.  So I'm taking the hand....and walking forward!

I feel that in some ways - the girl on the left is walking forward facing backwards. Not in a way that stops her walking - but looking behind for anything coming up to pull her back. Both girls move forward, both with missions to do going in the SAME direction.

~Pink Light Images~
Galveston 2014
"Take my Hand"


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