Monday, April 21, 2014

Ode to Union Station!

So, as you know by now - I attended what we did call the LAST after dark education experience.  A place where you can make your OWN experience what you want it to be.  A place where you are challenged to not just take but GIVE of yourself at any given moment.  BE a part of something.

Because it was my understanding this was the FINAL after dark I wanted to put into play a few concepts that I dreamt up....and one of them I dreamed up during a class session.  I believe I was in one of Brian Demint's classes and I thought to myself.....

What can I do to show homage to this space? UNION STATION? 

We all know and love the grand hall - but the grand hall was all tore up from the floor up.  My lovely arch was guarded by ropes and walls were missing. :(  But every day....I walked in and saw something unique - and perhaps no one else saw....


Did any of my other fellow after darkians see this madness??!!!  It was golds with highlights of reds and shading of blues and blacks.  I thought to myself - what about this homage to the carpet?  What would THIS look like? 

I jotted down a few ideas....and approached Dena Demint about it.  I was like hmmm...and she was like hmmmm!!!!  And then I found Erin and talked to her at one of the adventures wandering around the hotel.  She had this PERFECT golden dress that matched up with the concept perfectly!!!!  This was kindof a secret project I put together to show my love not only for after dark, but an inspiration of the hotel.  We have been taught many times over to be inspired and follow through with your ideas be it a success or a failure.  I definitely wanted this to be a success!  I didn't care how tacky the carpet looked - how could I make this amazing!!!???!!!!

Erin hopped in with her ideas and styling...and we got the makeup done to mimic the flowingness of the flooring.  We left out the reds on the face because we made her lips red.  By the end of it all - I felt this glamourous feel to it and the flow of Erin's modeling plus the styling made it super duper fun.  I am still working on finished artwork for these pieces - but as you can see - the ideas were formed....and I'm executing with full-forced-passion!!!!

Here is a close-up of the work Dena did.
This was sooo amazingly fun to not only BRING ideas to After Dark - but concieve them on site with wonderful teams of creatives all over the hotel.  It turned out SO COOL and I look forward to the final series I'll be doing for this homage. :) 

Was anyone else truly inspired by spots in the hotel?  
Share your thoughts and inspirations!

Love Jen

Photography: Pink Light Images
Model: Erin Leigh Pribyl
MUA: Dena Demint
Styling: Erin Leigh Pribyl (dress)
Location: Union Station Hotel, St Louis MO
After Dark Education

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