Saturday, August 23, 2014

CREATIVE retreats: even SUPERMAN needed one!!!!

even superman had a retreat space.

girls? DO YOU NEED TO RETREAT??????????
because I can guarantee you this crazee world, this "busyness" is getting to you...and you haven't stopped long enough to really think about YOU for a while.

The great things about a retreat:
-finding your passions & dreams
-being around like-minded creatives.
-being able to see what you have not seen.
-create things u may have never thought you could.
-learn more about your inner-superhero.
-pay attention to the SMALL details.
-learn to hear. (both within and around)
-learn to LISTEN.
the list goes on and on....but in the creative retreats - we go on a journey of a "fortress of solitude" environment - to where you can learn, grow, be inspired and do creative things. It truly will make a mark in your life.


I will answer as many and all questions that i can - so just reach out and lady friends? Please SHARE specifically with 1 or 2 women u know really need this Here to help and here to inspire. The ball is in your court!

More about the "fortress of solitude"

The Fortress of Solitude is the place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman in DC Comics.

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