Monday, August 25, 2014

Another DREAM realized!!!!!

I have been making art for years and years and years...probably dating all the way back to Kindergarten when my teacher said i was "very creative, but messy".  I do love the creative process. It can get really messy really fast and ideas can either come quickly or sometimes you have to SEARCH for them.

For years, I wanted to put my images on shirts.  Maybe it is that inner-fashionista but I like the idea of wearable art.  When I signed up on See.Me to get my artwork out into the world I had never opted to try their t-shirt art until now!   I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it came today.  I had almost forgotten I ordered it!  I knew it would look really great and professional because it is not silk-screened or an iron-on like I've done in the past .:)  It looks like i'm literally wearing the art I made. ahhh!!!!!!!

So the backstory on this image can be seen HERE.

But the meaning of it all was so special today...because I'm centering around PEACE and letting everything else fall to the wayside.  This week is about embracing the creativity I find in peace and not chaos.  I will find it however I can...but this week I'm pretty chill!!!

Check it out!

To order yours:  CLICK HERE
You can choose from any art pieces I have online to make one for yourself.  I think I will be adding more images just for the sole purpose of ordering some wearable art!!! <3 


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