Saturday, August 23, 2014

Light in a dark dark place.

I've been thinking a lot about the world!!!!!
And I've been thinking about soooo many dark things that happen....
and yet, I find beauty and peace in knowing that I (and you) can make a difference with positivity, light, laughter and love.  Love is a powerful factor that we can overlook sometimes.  When something is happening and we don't understand....when the world feels out of control...and we hurt for the HURTING....

Find the light inside you and bring your brilliance to the world...
even if you have a small shimmer - that light against the DARKNESS is so can't be denied.

Take heart knowing you aren't alone.  There are other lights out there....igniting other lights....igniting other lights....igniting other lights. 

Slow down.
See you.
See them.
See the world.

Then create out of this madness.
Create out of this love.
Create out of these things that drive you...that startle you...that hurt you...

The worst thing you can do is put away your feelings into the darkness of your heart.
Let them out into the light...see them for what they are....

and BE.

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