Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams : O Captain my Captain!

As i re-watch an instrumental movie clip from Dead Poet's Society....i really can't help but want to stand on my chair...and simply say "O Captain my Captain"....he was a brilliant comic, great smile...i had just watched at least 2 of his movies in this last week...and overall lived a full life. He made us laugh, he made WILL HUNTING cry.... Robin, o captain my shined brightly. Thank you for doing so for as long as you could on this earth. Missed, but not forgotten.

I feel my heart caving in as I feel the overwhelming sadness sweeping.

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"o captain my captain"

everytime i re-watch the heart THROBS with sadness.
but yet i have this DEEP HONOR for him...and having to say goodbye. I don't like goodbyes. At least, not that way. I can't be mad...i can only rejoice in the legacy left behind that every time i see his face - he'll still be here. That is the thing about movies/entertainment.

But let me ask u this - what about the ppl that you see everyday?
Who shares the laughter with you? Who gives encouragement? Why do we need to be dead or dying to receive kind words & empowerment? I'm a perfectly healthy girl who needs encouragement every day in some way - or those dark clouds come over to my house too. There is an enviroment we live in here on this planet - and sometimes it is a dark one. Find the light and you find your way out - every time.

Ask for help.
Before you make a decision about anything - write 10 things you can be thankful for and meditate on those things and what really matter.

I don't need to be dead or dying to know that love matters.
You matter.


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