Monday, September 29, 2014

Opening yourself up to your environment: BEACHES

I have had the pleasure of visiting some great waterways this year so far.  But in ONE WEEK I saw a diversity of water inlets and beaches that I was overwhelmed and still processing the beauty of our planet.  Every water inlet had its own look and feel.

Each town had a similar look though!  Very beach-housey and light colors that were very peaceful and accomodating to weary travelers.  Even more so, to an artist seeking silence, solace and views that inspire!!!!

The following pictures are my quick journey over one week.

Monument Beach, MA

Monument Beach, MA - at sunset with cloudy skies!!!

Sandwich MA

outside Providence RI

Mystic CT

Nubble Lighthouse - York Maine

York Maine

Winthrop Beach, MA

Winthrop Beach, MA

Winthrop Beach, MA

Where i just was - around Winthrop Beach. :)

Sandwich MA - surprise turtle!!!!

The tide lines on the sand.  Breathtaking - York Maine

I was amazing at these waves.  They were so different.  4-5 waves rolling at a time and a nice soft water rolling up on the sand to create ripple effects.  So beautiful.  I'm sorry I only stayed 20 minutes. :(
Nubble Lighthouse - rocks rocks rocks!!!! - York Maine

In traveling - when you make that choice to do see allllll kinds of things when you set yourself up for adventure. I had an AMAZING opportunity to see a few kinds of "beaches" when I was traveling up to Cape Cod, Boston, CT and Maine. Each of them very DIFFERENT. Even in Maine, one was fully sanded but also fully rocky. Our land is surrounded by water and there are a gazillions beaches, harbors and inlets.

There is a boundary you have to CROSS from land to sea. Where those waves come crashing (or gently strolling in like in Maine) - you have to accept in order to get into the water you will have to get WET. You can swim, get a boat or just stand on the shore. Your point of action determines your experience. The water can be UNSTABLE and knock you off balance - but at least you can swim in it. If you can't swim? LEARN.

I let myself experience them all. I walked up to the water and watched and sometimes I stood IN the water. I sat on the ROCKS for over 30 minutes just in awe of the textures and colors. Each beach had a different texture and look. And I like diversity so much so - that i was so glad to see our planet and our country and world have a unique look and feel to EACH location.

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