Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She wanders the path....in darkness and light.

She wanders the path in darkness in light.  Her soft presence calms even the most disturbed creature of the night.  Her walk is swift and soft and her voice carries throughout the trees.  The path is set before her with lamps placed strategically so that each step finds some illumination.  Her laughter makes the frogs cry.  Her tears make raindrops and dew on the blades of grass.  Moving forward is her only option.  Embracing the uniform of her spirit and heart she glides towards the curve.  The mystery that awaits her gives a sense of anxiousness and peace all in one.  Finding moments like these are irreplaceable.

Model: Marsha Denlinger  Photography: Pink Light Images

This is a teaser story image from my time in Pennsylvania.  I really can't explain how I felt about this trip and the adventures that we took.  I found the most amazing spot that NO ONE had ever heard of!  I was so happy to find this.  I could have created here for days.  I now have to go back.

Thanks Marsha and Thanks Diane.
You are truly artists.

and dream makers.

Do you find yourself losing time to dream?  Has life choked out your creativity?  Are you BORED with being BORED???????????????

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