Saturday, September 20, 2014

The clouded journey.

Have you ever been on a plane?

If not, WHY NOT?
If so, what is your favorite part?

I can share one of my favorite parts besides the takeoff.  That rush of speed throwing you back in the seat and actually the pressure giving you a massage as you are lifted up into the sky soaring over the landmasses below.

So I love looking at the varieties of CLOUDS that you can fly over.  This last week I was quite impressed with how many of the pictures came out as I was capturing these moments where your perspective is UNDOUBTEDLY changed.  The higher up you go - the smaller certain things become.  Have you noticed?

The final series from Boston and back had me in AWE.  The storm clouds were magnificent.  I couldn't keep up with our flight in those moments I was wanting to capture every formation.  It was a like a river that kept flowing for me to see and capture.  I was glued to my window without glancing away.  The moments as the sun was going down....the clouds turned into the SMOOTHEST river I had ever seen.  EVER.  

The following images are from my flights to Pennsylvania and back.

 The following images are from my flight to Boston and back. 
Literally, some of the MOST AMAZING CLOUDS i've seen....EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, your perspective changes when you are flying higher!!!!  Take a look out the window and see where you are.  See things for what they really are.  See the things that are TRULY important.  These clouds were such a great reminder to me of just how AWESOME this planet is.  The fact that we get to fly over it is kinda a blessing.  I love that my vision of this world has gotten bigger simply because I chose to fly over it...and see differently.

What has your flights taught you?
What inspiration have you cooked up while on a flight?

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