Thursday, September 11, 2014

the cape in the CAPE!!!!!

Thanks for reading up on this blog today.  I am visiting and working in Cape Cod this week...and here are some of my adventures so far!!!! <3

Yes, I went to WAHLBURGERS!!!!  (owned by the Wahlburg family -Paul,  NKOTB Donnie & his bro Mark)  

May you creatively SHINE!!!!

So yea it has come to this!!!  Some of you in more recent times may have seen me running around in a cape!  Well, everyone once in a while I like that feeling of flying and the cape gives me that sense when the wind picks it up...and it flaps around me like one ginormous WING!  I adore it.  I adore it so much I brought my cape to Cape Cod.
Here in Cape Cod...everywhere you look is lush trees and winding roads.  They seemingly show you NOTHING of water, yet when you stop somewhere and pierce through the boundaries you SEE the water.  Today's water was rolling in so fast.  There were white caps curling as folks were out on their boats today. 

Such is your creativity...without that wind of inspiration, your ideas & messages & causes won't fly!!!! 

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