Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's all fun in FAIRE and love!!!!!

I had the HONOR to photograph this wedding!!! I was soooo fortunate to find this couple and rather, they found me and made my day a fun-filled wedding extravaganza!!!!!

Our day was spent at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival

I was striving to make images for them in all the sense of good family portraits as well as some super-creative fun things around the fair!  We had a BLAST doing so.  I wanted to share one of the images I was really really happy with as far as location/look.  I think there are so many different details to a faire...and once we stopped near the chainmail store - I thought to myself...WHAT CAN I DO HERE?

I tried to shoot through it and could not get a focus - it was too tight-knit together...and my camera couldn't handle it.  But as I walked around it, I noticed the particular garment could work another way!  So I "draped" them in chainmail per say. :)  I hope you enjoy these teasers from their wedding day!  There were a ton more - but i'm always obsessed with the couple by themselves and having fun.  Yes, we did have fun!!!!

Enjoy the FAIRE through our eyes!!!!

This is wedding 1 of 2.  The next one will be up in a few days!!!!

Congrats you two!!!!!

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