Thursday, May 23, 2013

HIGHLIGHTS from St. Louis!

I have spent a lot of time working these past weeks and months...that I needed to stop and also share the HUGE event that happened in April!!!!!  I went to a huge photography experience to learn, grow, receive and create.  There is something about being around people that truly care for your future and who you are as a person and artist.  I was fully encouraged and EXHAUSTED when i got home! ahahah!!!!  I wanted to show you some of my personal highlights of the event in pictures....

I will highlight some CITY pictures in another post!  These are some of the creative images we made while at our workshops, pods and sections where we tinkered with lighting and styling of various kinds.  Thanks to ERIN who was an amazing coordinator and model for all of us to work with.  And of course, EVERYONE involved at After Dark.


The amazing Jane! - took her through LOTS of images and stylings! - The anime eyes was my idea!
The enrapturing Erin! from day 1 - it was ON!
Some fun things WE all did at AD. :)  It is a group thing, not a ME thing.
The amazing styling and concepts of Brian Demint - and we got to be a part of it!
I call this Anime Eyes meets HUNGER GAMES! :)
Angela was a little chameleon! Soft and classic one moment, and lil zombie girl the next!
 I'll post BONUS images later....I had a GREAT personal day as well!!!! It wasn't just all work work work!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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