Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kenley launches her PINK LADY line!!!! - and SUNRISE in Montauk!!!

Oh what a day it was!!! We had a great time celebrating Kenley's launch of her new line for the PINK LADIES!!!!  My friend Garret was attempting to parallel park as I jumped out of the car and walked around the block!  There she was! ALL PINKED UP!!!! It was super fun to see the store Slapback and see all of her cute little clothing in there.  If you are in NYC or traveling there, go stop in!!!!  I made the journey to BROOKLYN and wore my lovely cake topper dress!!!!!  She made clothing inspired by a lot of the styles and characters of the movie "Grease"...you have to see how carefully tailored they are!  Everyone there was modeling them and I was able to get my own scarf and Kenley tshirt! :)  ENJOY THE PICS!!!!

Also, earlier that morning I had a quick trip to Montauk for that "romantic" moment for myself...from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Thanks to JOE for taking me out there - we stayed up all nite and caught sunrise. LOL!!!!  I came back to Queens at about 820am....and overall Saturday was just amazing.  I can't wait to get back there in August to finish what I started! WOOT!!!

Here are some pictures!!!!

To see/buy/purchase:  www.kenleycollins.com
And check out the Slapback store in Brooklyn! :  http://www.slapbacknyc.com/

Kenley Collins from Project Runway has a pink lady party in honor of her new fashion line at Slapback
A stolen moment in the mirror!!!!

Kenley Collins from Project Runway poses in Slapback with jetzain for her pink lady party
Jetzain brings gifts!!!! :)

Kenley Collins from Project Runway sings Street Boss with her band Jetblack Bullseye at Slapback in NYC Brooklyn
Kenley singing at her party - rocking out to STREET BOSS! - Jetblack Bullseye

Kenley Collins from Project Runway at Slapback rocking out with her band Jetblack Bullseye
Gorgeous moment, pink lady, window light! :)
Kenley Collins from Project Runway and Pink Light Images have some fun at the pink lady party

HERE is my *VLOG* of the event!!!!!

Kenley Collins from Project Runway launches her fashion line at slapback in brooklyn with gorgeous pinks and jackets and dresses
Kenley Collins from Project Runway is singing her heart out with Jetblack Bullseye and shows off the new line for the pink ladies
Kenley Collins from Project Runway launches her new fashion line and there is much dancing and lots of pink
Kenley Collins from Project Runway rocking new designs for her Pink Lady line and cute dresses

Huge thanks to JOE for driving me to Montauk the morning before the Pink Party!  This was a cool, surreal moment....it could have been the lack of sleep or the dreamyness of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".......enjoy! And here is Montauk!


Sunrise in Montauk Point

My first sunrise on the East Coast.

Thanks to Joe G for driving me there! It was surreal. - I felt Eternal Sunshine.

The road that went forever.

Here is my VLOG of the sunrise moments in montauk!!!!! ETERNAL SUNSHINE!!!!!!

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