Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Engagements at the arboretum!!!!!!

So like I've said...May has been full of amazing folks...and amazing experiences so far!  I never stop learning and growing...and pushing myself!  I'm always surrounded with challenges in lighting!  The arboretum is that place where you feel *challenged* creatively! Because almost every inch of it has been covered with photos or poses and other things that make it ever so popular. ;)

The great thing about working with most people, is they are open for anything!  Pick something you like - and let's go shoot it!!! Adam and Anna were no exception!  They had never been there it was fun to explore almost the ENTIRE park with them and see places they had not seen before. :)  I tried a few new spots and wondered where the bamboo had gone.  I have to say I had fun with the bushes because you don't normally see them when walking up and down the stairs, but i about this? :)

It was a shame we missed the FLOWER HOUSES that are starting June 1st.  I still kinda want to go back and do an art piece for them....I'll have to wait til June to do this!!!! <3

Anyways............enjoy the few teaser images from their special moments.

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