Monday, May 27, 2013

To boldly go where no girls have gone before!

Well, I'm sure SOME folks have gone here before....but WE have not!!! This was our first full all out fun inspirational shoot based off the Original Series Star Trek.  

So after about a year and a half of thinking, waiting, living....we made the Star Trek shoot happen yesterday!!!!  We are getting in RIGHT BEFORE it gets super super super hot...and wanted to take the 1960's original series and do some imaging based on the show and the fun things we love about it.  Carrie volunteered to be our Orion slave girl, Becky our lieutenant and Destiny the Borg. ;0  We started off with all the lovlieness and after we finished out initial setup, we moved into anime eyes and a few other outfit changes.  It couldn't have worked out more perfect...and I have to thank EVERYONE involved! You guys are the folks that make dreams happen. THANK YOU!

Here is today's little vlog real quick!

And here are some teaser images....a more detailed gallery coming soon!


Star Trek Photo Shoot with tribbles, phase and capes
Both regular, and anime eyes! + TRIBBLES!

A series of Star Trek images with capes, dresses and a phaser
A little bit of ship action.

Fun images of Carrie as the orion slave girl inspiration from star trek TOS
The Orion slave her beauty.

Star Trek TOS inspired photo shoot with a spaceship and fun outfits
Once it got dark, we could create a few dramatic images....since I had made those visors and all that!

Star Trek TOS inspired outfit for borg to assimilate the TOS characters
Destiny and Becca Jett's creation - they did good for only 2 hours work.

Star Trek TOS inspirations with a ship and pink dress and overlay and visors
These overlay images are inspired by: "Is there in truth no beauty"

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