Sunday, May 19, 2013

A very fun FAIRE wedding with dragons, seahorses, elephants and love!

Here is my 2nd ren faire wedding of April!  This couple was super super cool and also had a few creative requests as the wedding day went on!  Very soon I realized since they had a dragon guestbook and a dragon CAKE....I had to incorporate something super unique to ONLY THEM - so when we found the little garden with trinkets and fountains - I grabbed a picture of them w/ the dragon wings. :)

You can see the teasers here below - but there is ONE MORE big piece coming for them!  I was commissioned as part of their package to CREATE a movie poster!  I have already begun the process since they are huge movie buffs.  (as am i!)  I'm taking inspiration from some super iconic posters and mish-mashing something JUST FOR THEM!  I can't wait to share it....

In the meantime, please enjoy a few snippets and details from their day!  I think Vanessa looked quite amazing (as did all her girls) and Jason and the guys also!  Everyone had a lot of fun and we had some fun pictures come out from it all. :)


Scarborough Renaissance Festival wedding with fun images of dragons, elephant and the venues on site
Scarborough Renaissance Festival wedding with steampunk styles and feathers and unique details and bracelets
Scarborough Renaissance Festival wedding with fun details, red feathers and swords and good food
Scarborough Renaissance Festival wedding in which dragons seemed to be a huge theme and make some art as well
Scarborough Renaissance Festival wedding where elephant rides make for great fun with family and friends

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