Monday, November 4, 2013

....intimate Venetian style wedding with a Gondola getaway! sooo muuuuch LOVE!!!! - TEASERS :)

My weekend was filled with so much love and fun.
I loooove celebrating with couples as they start their marriage with a celebration!

This was definitely a family affair down to the details and everyone involved....had so much fun with one of my past brides and her family...i'm blessed to have great referrals and lovely decorated places to photograph!  This wedding took us to Las Colinas so we could enjoy a touch of Venetian style...and our final capture was a Gondola was certainly an experience I enjoyed!!!  Looking forward to sharing more with you!!!

A few moments with the girls:  Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal
Lovely wedding party! : Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal
Quiet Moments: Venetian Terrace Wedding, Las Colinas Canal
The Gondola Getaway - Venetian Terrace, Las Colinas Canal

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  1. Oh my! I am so stunned to see this post. It is fabulous! I am happy I came across this post right before my wedding has been finalized. The date is not finalized yet but I will be getting married this year only and I would love to have this photographer to click my wedding day photographs. Also, I am sure wedding venues NYC are quite photogenic.