Sunday, November 17, 2013

Feature in Cloud Orchid Magazine, Fall 2013 - "Evolution" series.

FIRST:  I am thankful to have met the crew of Cloud Orchid last year when they were starting out on this adventure.  I have an appreciation for folks that dive into their arts and ALSO appreciate and celebrate the arts and fashion of others.  I have been featured several times and this time is no different!

Thank you Cloud Orchid for believing in me and publishing me!

SECOND:  The model Jane Love has been an exceptional artist in my life.  Since our meetings in the last year we have done nothing but have lots of fun and make great art.  I like when people work hard and it SHOWS in how professional they are in making the craft.  Her experience shows and the ability to be a kind of chameleon is such an artist dream.  I'm proud to share the magazine spread with her! THIS ROCKS!!!!

THIRD:  To After Dark Education - the EVENT that started it all.  I have met some pretty awesome people since going for the first time in 2012 and have never regretted a single moment of my path since then.  Without THAT experience I would not come this far into my journey, my adventure and my art.

Thank you ALL!

Much Love to you,  Pink Light Images
You inspire me.
You are dream makers.

This series was inspired by the opening film-atic scene of RESIDENT EVIL: Afterlife

Here is what inspired it all - a few moments of opening scene gave me inspiration for fun, transformation and fashion.

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