Friday, November 8, 2013

Lovely wedding out near Quinlan TX!!!! - Outdoor turned barn...ending with a MOON. :)

This was a sooooooooooooo unique wedding - not only because of the location - but cause of the RAGING STORM OUTSIDE!!!!!  We had a torrential downpour the day of that forced the ceremony into the barn instead of outside in the nature!  I remember when we drove down the driveway - we kept thinking maybe it would go away?  It did not! Everything was moved indoors - and we ended up in the barn with both reception and ceremony in the same place. :)

When we got there early to do a bit of scouting we could SEE the rain coming down the driveway before it hit that area I was standing.  I had never done that before - actually WATCHED the rain move towards us. ;0  We had a blast trying to work in between the main house and the barn to get as many pictures done as possible!

One of the other unique things I thought were so great was the hourglass ceremony.  It reminded me of the unity sand or unity candle - but in an hourglass.  There was a topper and everything!

The colors, the decor were gorgeous...and the weather? It stopped raining but it felt amazing temp wise!!!  By the time nite came, I requested a few moments from the couple and we were able to explore some night images that I was just EAGER to capture!!! The moon clouds were AMAZING!!!!  You can see the variety of outdoor nite images I was able to play with.  I typically work with MINIMAL equipment - so what you see is what you get and I had a lot of lighting to play with at this venue!

The night ended with the tossing of black eyed peas and the final moments of dancing and fun.  We had a blast with this family and hope they enjoy their pictures for years and years to come!!! Thank you!

The Barn - "Simple Elegance"
The grandmother performing the ceremony.
well hello fun wedding party picture! :) eheheheheh
We were catching some of the sunset on the property - it was very very pretty.
Stole a few moments with the barn spotlight!!! Her dress, UH-mazing!
"Nu-uh! WITH YOUR TEETH!!!" ---The Bride
Moon Moments.
A night image outside the barn in the spotlight and outdoor lights. :)
And here are a few more collage highlights from their day!!!! CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!!!

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