Saturday, November 16, 2013

A super super super NERDY nite!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, i logged onto twitter and Wil Wheaton was having ppl photoshop his face into whatever...using a green screen image and then some.  I thought HEY that looks like so much fun...i'm pretty nerdy about both movies/tv/things and trek - i figured why not! HAHAAHAHAH!!!

There were quite a few images he liked from the bunch!!!!!
This had to be my FAV though!!!!

I'm not sayin they are super perfect- but he FIT RIGHT IN to the ghostbusters mix. hheheeheh!!!  Then i just logged into my account again...not realizing that ERNIE HUDSON had favorited it hahahah!!!! I about fell over!!!!

I have had so much fun tonite! So many people had some great ideas...I'm sure the tumblr is about to BLOW UP !!!!!!!!!!

have a fantastic weekend!!!!


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