Friday, November 8, 2013

Adventure time: Checkerboard Flooring.

So, after kinda wandering around online while waiting for images to copy/download....I took a few minutes to do a quick concept that I had in my mind with my new checkerboard flooring.  I had bought it for my bridal shows because I felt that the floors just needed a "stand out" feel.  I've always love the checkerboard look.  (or chess).

So tonite I wanted to explore my legs only.  I had gone to the local party city and grabbed checkered tights...and was determined, eventually to capture the both together.

It just so happens that my LOVELY friend Hallie left her petticoats here too - so i used the black petticoat!  So tights/petticoat and floor....and a camera. :)

As of right now this is roughly version 3 or 4.  If you get to know me well enough - sometimes it can take up to 9 version of an idea to get something I will feel strongly about.  Right now....I'm still working on it.  I think it can be improved - but also can be ok AS IS. :)

Thanks so much to Brooke Shaden yet again for always reading my creative "mail"....everyday she posts something relevant to the creative life - like a livestream right into the heart and soul of what i'm trying to accomplish.  So greatful!!!!


1st of many of a series i'm going to try.  THANK YOU!

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