Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspired by Inspiration. - Art here and Art there.

Here recently I was a part of the Girlfriends retreat in which me and some ladies that i knew or didn't know went away for a couple of days and did some out-of-routine activities to really do something new and learn something new. 

We did our version of the "Paint with a Twist" where we took our personal vision of a tree....and painted what our trees would look like with leaves/fruit/backgrounds.

I was brought in to guide everyone through the process...and it helped that I had just been through that process in the spring so  I could help break it down and lead everyone through the basics.  We had 2 examples of 2 very different trees and how God used us to speak about those trees.  Tawana's tree - she kept trying to get it to look one way and it always came out so different and she wanted someone else's tree.  She had the same tools as her friend, but always seemed to get that same result.  A tree that in some ways was representing her personality. My tree was something that the example I was painting from had SO much detail - but I ended up with super large extensions of that same look - but nowhere near the fine details of the original picture.

My painting from April 2013 - the "process" :) - the top right has the original picture.

My tree example, was a result of picking a picture of my own choice at the place and then following the instructions of the art lady to start with the background first.  I knew the background was just as important as the tree!  I took everyone through the background phase with the ideas if anything goes!  Water, Sky...GRASS!  Whatever you wanted or could do. :)  The results from everyone were vastly different from anything I've ever seen! It was super super fun.  My tree ended up a tad bushy and full - a little billowy and fluffy. :)  I called it almost a tree afro - my hair is naturally curly - so i have a coarse textured hair anyways.  It makes sense and speaks to me.

Each lady had their own process.  Some fast and furious...other meticulous and questioning everything along the way.  I stopped myself to let myself visualize where I was going.  It was different than any other tree i've ever done.  When the final times came for us to be done and lay it out for the final drying phase...we took a few moments to look at each other's trees and really see what spoke to us about our tree and others' trees.  The results were all soooo different and unique that it couldn't have been more beautiful!  :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of us doing our thing!  You can see truly how each lady brought out their own personality. :)

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