Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creative Idea for your wedding - What to DO with your wedding dress "train".

I've captured quite a few weddings....and i'm THRILLED when things happen at each event that adds fun, laughter and additional stories to tell AFTER the event is over!!!!  AHHHAHAHA!!!! This is so great.

So, first of all - I have to say many thanks to Don & Ashley for bringing me out to capture their wedding! It was short, sweet, amazing and pretty warm outside. :)  It being "springing" into summer....we know how full suits and gowns can get stifling hot.  So THANK YOU for letting me capture you guys despite the heat!!!!

We had a lovely lovely time creating...and this wedding was pretty short with just a handful of events going on.  Once the night was towards the ending...people were starting to say goodbye...I happened upon one of the kiddos SITTING on the back of the bride's wedding dress.

This idea? turned into one of the BEST games i've ever seen!  Each kiddo wants a "ride" on the bride's train...and i could hear the chugga-chugga-chugga wooot wooot!  I was mesmerized how well this idea turned into a great time you don't normally see at a wedding!  Especially ON the wedding dress!!!!

So, without further delay....

I give you the WEDDING TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put them in order of how it all played out....started with one brilliant idea....that catapulted into the other two kiddos wanting to also ride the train. :)  The last 2 pictures i swear to you...she was dragging them and they were all holding onto each other to ride it all at once.  It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, and also...............we have a couple of great teaser images from our handfuls of moments at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens....<3

Much Love!

Congrats you two!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!!!
I will write more about this image later...this was one of the most challenging *dreams* I had to make happen....

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