Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CREATIVE RETREAT promo video - from the beginnings to the finishing point of your dreams!

I wanted to capture a visual of how I feel about the creative processes we go through.  Our biggest dreams start with the smallest tasks.

July 18-20th.  Only 7 slots open, 5 left.

Part of the backstory of this concept goes way back into childhood...when I used to draw and doodle....when I had a season of painting....a season of moving into photography...and other creative things I've witnessed in my short life time. :)

I used Carrie as my muse & model because as much as I've seen myself blossom...I've seen her blossom just as much.  Towards the end, those are part of her blossoming.  Writing and creative dance expression is something she has embraced.  My desires are to see YOU blossom into the creative being you are meant to be and LIVING the dreams/realities you are supposed to live. :)

Enjoy the video!
Please pass to a friend that NEEDS this....I love connecting !

All the best to you today,

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