Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding: The Antique Rose Emporium - full of love, laughter and LOTS of flowers.

I can't begin to GLEEEEEE about how much fun we had at Matt + Jessica's wedding!  They let me take them into an amazing field of yellow flowers...which were one of their wedding colors anyways....when you see Jessica - she is laughing for MOST of her pictures which only made ME giggle even more as her photographer.  I met these two through another wedding in the past you might have remembered.

Ian & Amanda.    (featured on Offbeat Bride and Unique Bride Magazine) 

I knew I just HAD to shoot their we made it all happen!  The glorious venue was setup just for perfect days like an overcast day with gorgeous blooms and some lucious greens.  We had threats of rain all day - but the rain did not come until that evening when the entire thing was almost over. YAY :)

I wanted to share more teasers from their day...and talk about how much I appreciated their time with me and our adventure!!!!

Location: Antique Rose Emporium

I wanted to highlight the awesome yellow flowers in some closeups for I made them almost sit right down in the field :) heheh!!! GORGEOUS turnout!!! So cute!!!!

I found this "tunnel" path as I was walking around the grounds.  I was inspired by the leading lines here as well as the greens and vines that tied right into their garden themes. 

I was giggling as I found myself asking..."what do we do in the middle of a field?"...we did portraits, we did dancing...and lots of laughter here.  Just a huge huge rolling field of yellow flowers.  And we didn't get kicked out! :) This was so fun!
Huge thanks to Ian & Amanda for introducing me to these two.  Huge thanks to everyone at the wedding for helping us with their smiles, dancing and poses for pictures for the bride & groom.  We had a blast and should you need us - please let us know!!! <3

The many snippets of the ceremony! Gorgeous day!
The various location requests from the couple!  We were all in love with the grounds!!!!

Good times, Good memories.


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