Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pink Light Images: Wedding captures at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival! To the Lord and Lady!!! Huzzah!

We had a great time heading over to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival this year again to capture a wedding locally.  Lisa & James were super great to work with and had a love for EVERYTHING faces and moments!  Their trinkets and decor was adorable and believe it or not - the bride bought her "princess sleeves" the day of!   I couldn't believe how perfect they were and rounded out her look !!!!  I wanted to share some AMAZING teasers with you!!!!!  I can't wait to give them ALL their pictures! There were lots and lots of happy faces both in dress and not. :)  yay!!!

I really felt a golden glow when editing some of the pictures....and some of them I just left as is to capture how green everything had gotten this year at the faire. :)

Here are some of their details!!!!

The lovely trinkets & favors!!!
taking a walk through the misters!!!!
This dragon was on the
A few moments at the troll bridge, minus the troll :0
This was super hilarious!  Thanks to them for being so open to explore!!!
I am thankful to get to go out there and work every year! Thanks to all my supporters!  We love shooting the Renaissance Faire and creating fun images for each couple out there. :) Hire Pink Light Images for your 2015 wedding!  We would love to create for you! 

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