Monday, July 28, 2014

The Creative Retreat.....what an AMAZING TIME!

I had my first EVER Creative Retreat this year in July.  I had been waiting for the right timing to just let it fly!!!! After having some great talks this year and investing in my own creative life - I decided it was time to step up and help others get their creative lives going!

I think one of my main challenges was talking about it! What do i call it, what do i say?  In my mind I had started formulating a theme to it.  It was called ARISE.  Arise has such a GREAT motion and ACTION to it that I truly felt that word encompassed everything I wanted in the time I had to share at this retreat.  I wanted to help others ARISE to be all they were meant to be.

I spent a few months hashing out ideas and time flows for exercises.  I utilized my OWN experience for most of the way things went.  I believe that it was my time to share everything I had been given since I began this journey.  I have taken myself on the most IN DEPTH seeking journey I have ever done.  I know it has many beginnings and I feel that as I move I am always beginning or ending something on my walk.  So, as one things ends, another begins.

I talked about CARVING our own paths.  This was VITAL to me understanding where my life was going and VITAL for all of us to understand that just because there is a path already - doesn't mean we are supposed to walk it.  I think following examples are great, but I also think that SETTING an example is just as great!  We have to stop and really think about where we are, where we are going...and when to pick up your machete to CARVE the path in the jungle.

I always get a vision of Romancing the Stone...where Joan had to carve a path.

So that being is a tiny montage of some of the amazing things we walked through on our journey!!!!!!!

Herez to the first of many QUARTERLY retreats!!!!!

I take only a limited number of ladies.  The smaller groups allow for us to have talking times, reflection times and some girl time. :)

The next RETREAT:  

October 3-5th, 2014 : Ladonia TX
Get your spot secured NOW!  


From the girls: 
"Her technique of combining creative play, soul searching and being still were truly invaluable!" ----Dana

"I had fun discovering my creative gifts in writing, art, games, and sharing !" ---Doris

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